Sheriff Estates

 To comply with the tenancy fee ban from the 1st June 2019 our charges are as follows:

Inventory Fees

Independent inventory clerks carry out property inspections with copies sent to both tenant and landlord.

Inventory Fees are dependent on the size of the property and if furnished.

Landlords are responsible for the inventory fees. 


Tenant 'Move In' Procedure

To reserve the property; a Holding/Reservation Fee will be acceptable taken (which counts towards your 5 week deposit) equivalent to one weeks' rent*

Once the references are completed and subject to the prospective tenants passing  (with the landlord's approval**); a mutually agreed date is set for moving in.

We require the tenancy agreement to be returned, signed and witnessed with payment in full of the outstanding balance three working days prior to the agreed moving in date. 

The remaining balance consists of:

Landlord Fees

We provide a bespoke service to satisfy the Landlords requirements however as a guideline we charge as follows:

Tenant Find Only Service: from 8% of the term of the agreement; the landlord provides their own tenancy agreement subject to mutual approval by all parties, the landlord must be responsible for the deposit & registered with a Government backed Deposit Scheme (i.e TDS)

Fully Management Service: from 10%; Sheriff Estates will maintain the property throughout the tenancy term, provide regular visits to confirm the property is not been misused by inspection, ensure the monthly rent is paid on time, provide tenancy statements to the landlord.

Important Please Be Aware:

*Holding/Reservation Fee of one weeks' rent = (Monthly Rent x 12) /52

e.g. property with a monthly rent of £1000:

Holding fee required = (1000 x 12) /52 = £230.77

**Should the tenant fail the referencing process then it is assumed the tenants accept liability and with the landlords discretion risk forfeiture of the Holding Fee. However, if the tenants' references pass but the Landlord chooses not to proceed then the Holding Fee will be fully reimbursed back to the tenants upon request, we will provide the referencing report results to the tenant for a small fee of £20 per tenant for each reference report.






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